The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) was founded in 1993, as the first association of women scientists and engineers in Korea. KWSE aims to empower women by developing their scientific capacity and by advancing the status of women in academia, research institutes, and industry.

Mission and Vision
  • Expanding the social infrastructure for women scientists and engineers
  • Encouraging R&D activities by facilitating information exchange
  • Enhancing the social status and rights of women scientists and engineers
  • Strengthening relationships among women scientists and engineers
16 Aug. 1993
Held the first meeting on the establishment of the Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE)
20 Sep. 1993
KWSE founded
20 Sep. 1993
Registered as a non-profit public organization at the Ministry of Science & Technology
27 Jun. 1997
Joined the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
29 Jul. 2002
Joined the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) as an organizational member
21 Feb. 2003
Established the Busan-Gyeongnam Regional Branch
29 May. 2003
Established the Gwangju-Jeonnam Regional Branch
29 Jul. 2004
Established the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Regional Branch
04 Apr. 2010
Awarded Outstanding Implementation of NIS-WIST Support Project
09 Aug. 2020
KWSE current membership status - 1,894 members (589 life members)
Major Activities & Achievements
Science & Technology Policy
  • Participation in national policy development for science and technology
  • Proposing new policies and conducting fundamental research for the cultivation and support of women in science and technology
  • Hosting a legislative public hearing on the Act on fostering and supporting women scientists and technicians
  • Supporting the establishment of the daycare centers in the Daedeok Science Complex
  • Conducting multiple policy research projects to expand the roles and to enhance the welfare of women scientists and engineers
  • Constructing a database of expertise of women in STEM for the national evaluation committee
  • Hosting policy forums to exchange ideas and opinions on support policies for women scientists and engineers
  • Conducting international collaborative research on policies for women in STEM in Asia and the Pacific nations
Research Capacity
  • Providing opportunities to exchange academic outcomes and research information for enhanced interdisciplinary capacity and leadership
  • Strengthening networks of women scientists and engineers
  • Hosting BIEN, an international interdisciplinary academic conference, for women scientists and engineers
  • Organizing academic exchange program for domestic female scientists and engineers
  • Conducting programs for interdisciplinary research, local networking and global capability building
  • Organizing Jumping-Up Program, an educational program for women scientists and engineers in the early career development stages
  • Hosting academic exchange conferences for Korean and oversea women in STEM
Science-Friendly Culture
  • Supporting scientific education applications for students
  • Supporting capability-building activities on science education for women scientists and engineers
  • Offering Classroom Lectures on scientific exploration and application
  • Publishing scientific books and developing digital contents on science education
  • Hosting mentoring program by science books and book donation activities
International cooperation
  • Collaborating with international organizations for women in STEM
  • Acting a major hub of women in STEM networks in Asia & the Pacific region
  • Offering opportunities to build global networks for next-generation women scientists and engineers
  • Participating in INWES activities as an active member
  • Leading roles in the Asia & Pacific Nation Network (APNN)
  • Hosting annual International Young Woman Scientist Camp (YWS Camp)
  • Organizing the Smart Sister Program for international women scientists and engineers in Korea
  • English-Korean translation of Bring Out the Best in People (single-volume book)
  • Twenty Years of KWSE (1993 ~ 2013)
  • Science Stories Told by Women Scientists
  • Role Model Casebook of Women in R&D (2015 ~2018)
  • Twenty Years of International Cooperation: KWSE Connect the World (1999 ~ 2019)
  • Policy Reports on Balanced Development of Human Resource and International Joint Survey in Asia and the Pacific Nations